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0€ - 105€

Best sellers

Credit card payments by Twispay
Credit card payments by Twispay - start accepting credit card payments by quickly integrating Twispay’s secure payment module into your PrestaShop ecommerce website
Custom 404 Page PRO
Custom 404 Page PRO PrestaShop module gives you the option to fully customize your 404 page (Page Not Found), very fast and easy,  no coding skills needed with the provided templates.
EAN - UPC codes Generator PRO
EAN - UPC codes Generator PRO PrestaShop module allows you to generate EAN codes and/or UPC codes valids and conforms automatically. The codes will be automatically added in the products catalog page, for each product.
Full Affiliates PRO
The first affiliates module  is bringing all the necessary features you need to develop affiliate marketing. Most complex affiliate utility so you don't need to buy more then 1 module.
Official GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
This module adds a popup in your site, advising your customers about the GDPR Law . Meets all the General Data Protection Regulation requirements. Created to assist compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation within the European Union.
One Signal Push Notifications
One Signal Push Notifications - helps you to increase sales and customer engagement with the help of web push notifications. Send unlimited push notifications on all major browsers and devices. No monthly fees!
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Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack
Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack is the most complex security PrestaShop module that bringing all the necessary features you need to secure your online shop. It is such a complex security module as you don't need to buy any other security module.
Recommended Retail / Manufacturer Price
The first price management module  is bringing  all the  necessary  features  you need to manage retail and manufacturer prices. Most complex MSRP / MAP / MRP / PPCMod module so you don't need to buy more than 1 module.
Second Picture and Attributes Module
 Second Picture and Attributes PrestaShop module ads in the front office of your PrestaShop store second picture, thumbnails and attributes of your products on mouse hover.
TM Google Map Module
Add interactive maps to your PrestaShop online store, add customize theme to your discretion with TM Google Map module. 
Yusp Recommendation Engine
Yusp provides a personalization engine for eCommerce stores that generate extra revenue from their visitors and provide offer a more engaging user experience.