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Prestashop - Design & Navigation

On this AllPresta Marketplace page you can find only the best Product PrestaShop modules. These are all verified and tested by PrestaShop certified developers, who make sure that the product you purchase is not only error-free but also of the best quality.

Presentation is extremely important, as first impressions decide whether or not a visitor will return to the online store or if they will be converted into a customer. Make your business stand out from the competitors and increase your revenue. Add search features, a rich menu on the homepage or display manufacturers to convince visitors of the quality. Help your customers decide on the right product and make buying easier than ever!

Design is the most important aspect of your online presence, as it takes seconds for someone visiting your website to decide whether or not they will remain in your online store. As the design of your site is the digital face of your business and a good design means pushing your visitors further down the sales canal, an increased visit duration and decreased bounce rate is key for you business success.

The modules listed on AllPresta marketplace give you the option to add and customize menus or pages, engage the customer with sliders & galleries, insert search features and filters, change the design of your product pages to fit with what you have in mind.

Our team offers you full support for any purchased PrestaShop module, so check out the Additional Information & Product Tab Page for the best and latest modules!

Active filters
Elastic Search PRO
Our module is bringing  all the necessary features  you need to e asily integrate an Elasticsearch engine into your website to easily browse through 100000+  products in a few seconds.
Reassurance PRO
Reassure your customers that your online store is safe by displaying information like free shipping, 30 days money back guaranteed, promotions, free support etc. in a reassurance block.
AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages PRO
AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages PRO module brings all the necessary features for you to easily create an AMP version of your shop based on Google AMP technology, improving your search engines ranking results and loading speed for mobile users.
Google Address Autocomplete 1.6 and 1.7	Module
The first google autocomplete   address is bringing all the necessary features you need make your customers life easier. Autocomplete address in register, new address, order - so you don't need to buy more than 1 module.
Banner Manager
Banner Manager is a module that lets you easily create powerful banners with very nice transition effects.
Scroll to TOP PRO
Scroll to Top PRO is a PrestaShop module that allows you to activate and customize a scroll top button on the front office of your PrestaShop store. The scrolling is done with animation and the button disappears with fade animation. 
Printerox Design Responsive
Printerox is a superb PrestaShop theme with a cheerful design based on colorful low-poly geometric details. Its main purpose is to power print shops and services, which grow popular day by day.    
Custom 404 Page PRO
The first "Custom 404 Page" module is bringing all the necessary features you need to fully customize a "404 / Page Not Found" very fast and easy. Most complex 404 utility, no coding skills needed with the provided templates.
TM Mosaic Products Module
TM Mosaic Products Module for Prestashop m akes the products stored in the assortment look more attractive on the site in non standard layout.
TM Category Image Slider Module
TM Category Image Slider Модуль PrestaShop продвигает отдельные категории вашего магазина через захватывающие слайдеры!
Second Picture and Attributes Module
 Second Picture and Attributes PrestaShop module ads in the front office of your PrestaShop store second picture, thumbnails and attributes of your products on mouse hover.
TM Manufacturers Block Module for PrestaShop r eveal the brands behind your offerings to add more interest to your merchandise.