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iFrame Manager - Insert an external web page

iFrame Manager - Insert an external web page Module

Active Design Developer
PrestaShop Version — 1.7.3
  • New


iFrame Manager - Insert an external web page is a PrestaShop module, the best solution to add external content anywhere on your PrestaShop online store: a forum such as IP. Board, phpBB, or any page that you have created, even a page from social networks like Facebook, twitter etc.

From the back office, You can fully customize your iFrames.

What this product does for you

We are a Prestashop premium certified agency will help you if there are any problems with our module. We’re a Prestashop certified premium agency,so we will offer you fast and quality support.


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iFrame Manager - Insert an external web page has the following features:

I. Insert the name of your rule / iFrame

II. Select where your iFrame will be displayed on your store

III. Select the URL of your iFrame 

IV. Insert the page where the iFrame will be displayed

V. Insert the dimensions of your iFrame

VI. Select if you want the iFrame to be displayed in a column (page) or not.

VII. Activate the scroll on your iFrame

VIII. Hit “Save” and you are good to go

IX. Click on “List Overview” to manage your iFrames

Regular license
  • 3 months of free support
  • Adapted for your country
  • Documentation included


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Active Design


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