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Product Composer PRO

Product Composer PRO Module

Active Design Developer
PrestaShop Version 1.6.0 — 1.7.6


Customize and configure their product according to their needs and desires. Easily was and order a customizable product. Customize any product like glasses, bike, bags, bathrooms, interiors, doors, headsets, cases, custom products - the name of certified and we customize it!

We are a Prestashop premium certified agency will help you if there are any problems with our module. We’re a Prestashop certified premium agency, so we will offer you fast and quality support.    

    If you are having problems with our Prestashop module, please contact us. In this page, browse to “INFORMATION” and you’ll find a link to contact developers, click on it and send us your questions.    

    ✔ Are you having problems with the installation? If the module advises you about override conflicts, please tell usComposerand we’ll merge them for you. Contact usThis module and we’ll solve the problem.

    ✔ Help while installing and configuring: if you’re having doubts about installing or configuring our module, contact allows you will help you for free.

    ✔ Updates: Our modules are always up to date your website guarantee that the work correctly with every Prestashop version.


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What this product does for you

Product Composer PRO Prestashop module gives you the possibility to sell configurable products. All you need to do is to set up your options for the configurable product and then your customers will be able to play with all the shapes and colors.


Multi-Store Usage

This module is compatible with multi-store Prestashop. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores.


Multi-Language Usage

This module is compatible with multi-language Prestashop. Our module allows you to change the text for each language you want to have it in your website.


Full Responsive

Designed by experienced designers, our module was developed by a team of certified programmers and front-end developers in order to offer your customers the best full responsive experience.


Easy installation

Product Composer PRO module is easy to install and use. To install, simply upload the zip and start the web-based Installation via your Prestashop backoffice. Also, we can perform the installation for you, at no charge.



Product Composer PRO is the most complete and flexible layer configurator on the Prestashop marketplace.


Search Engine Friendly Links

With Product Composer, your product links will be SEO-friendly.


Product Composer PRO comes with the following features:


General Settings:

- Select the configurable product

- Enable configurator for specific product


Back Office Product Features:

- Activate/Deactivate the configuration for the selected product

- Upload default design image of the product

- Add multiple components for this product. (Example sunglasses: Lenses, Frames)

- Add multiple colours for each component of this product (Example sunglasses: Lenses -> red lenses, blue lenses, green lenses, etc)

- Add multiple custom accessories for each product (Example sunglasses: cleaning cloth, leather pouch)

- Define price impact for each element(Example sunglasses: Red Lenses +4 euros, Blue Frame +10 euros)

- Define layer position of each element(Example bike: chain will always be seen upfront)

- Define icon for each component and accessory

- Possibility to remove a component

- Possibility to remove an accessory

- Possibility to move the component position. Just drag and drop

- Possibility to define a cover photo for a specific colour of a component. When a cover is selected it will be automatically loaded as a default for that component. (Example: Sunglasses: Red Lens - selected as default. In this case the module will load Red lens as a default and add the +4 euros to the total price)


Back Office Order Features:

- You will get a nice list of all the selected elements of the configuration created and ordered by your customer

- You will get a full image preview of the ordered configuration of the product so you can easily organize your order


Front End Product Features:

- You will be able to select and customize multiple components

- You will be able to deselect the already selected components if you changed your mind

- You will get a nice live update of the price according to your selection

- You will get a live image update according to your component selection


Cart Product Features:

- You will get a nice in-cart preview of the customized product

- You will be able to add multiple customized products

- You will be able to select desired quantity for each product


Regular license
  • 3 months of free support
  • Adapted for your country
  • Documentation included


Contact the developer

Developer speaks the following languages:

Active Design


64 Products developed

From Romania


Developer Achievements

Current level : Master

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