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Prestashop - Promotions & Marketing

On the AllPresta Marketplace page you can find only the best Promotions & Marketing PrestaShop modules. These are all verified and tested by PrestaShop certified developers, who make sure that the product you purchase is not only error-free but also of the best quality.

Increase your revenue by promoting and marketing your products the right way!

The modules listed on this Prestashop marketplace will help you make it easier for your visitors to stumble upon ‘must-buy’ products. Make your customers feel at home by allowing the easy discovery of new products, offer an exciting way to subscribe to the newsletter, add a ‘deal of the day’ feature and more!

Create successful marketing campaigns in your online store by reminding your visitors of their abandoned carts, convince them to come back with loyalty coupons and discount vouchers, intrigue them with a non-intrusive popup promotion or push products based on their cart summary!

Discover the best way to reach your visitors and transform them into returning customers.

Our team offers you full support for any purchased PrestaShop module, so check out the Promotions & Marketing Page for the best and latest modules!

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I Found It Cheaper PRO Module
I Found It Cheaper PRO Prestashop module brings all the necessary features you need for your customers to send you a notice about a cheaper product from another store.
Yusp Recommendation Engine
Yusp provides a personalization engine for eCommerce stores that generate extra revenue from their visitors and provide offer a more engaging user experience.
TM Deal of the Day Module
TM Deal of The Day PrestaShop module helps you easily add the deal of the day on the front page of your PrestaShop online market.
TM Newsletter Module
TM Newsletter Prestashop Module o ffers customers to subscribe to your newsletter in the form of a pop-up notification for maximum visibility.