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Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack

Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack Module

Active Design Developer
PrestaShop Version — 1.7.4


Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack PrestaShop module offers a safer environment for Webmasters, Employees, and Customers.

No monthly fees, one-time payment only. 

Multi-Store Usage

This module is compatible with multi-store Prestashop. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores. 

Multi-Language Usage

This module is compatible with multi-language Prestashop. Our module allows you to change the text for each language you want to have it in your website. 

Easy installation

Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack module is easy to install and use. To install, simply upload the zip and start the web-based Installation via your Prestashop back-office. Also, we can perform the installation for you, at no charge. 


Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack is the most complete and flexible anti-hack system on the Prestashop marketplace.

What this product does for you

The security of your PrestaShop online business is very important for us, so, we have studied all the competitors and we came up with the most complex security PrestaShop module.

On the internet reality where virtual attacks are a common thing on a daily basis, you need to protect yourself against all these malicious cyber attacks that can harm your business.

Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack offers you features that no other security module out there will offer.

We take security very seriously.


Multi-Store Usage - This module is compatible with multi-store Prestashop. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores.


Protect Shop PRO / Anti Hack comes with a big pack of features:


Wizard Setup

In order to start the module you will have to start the “Wizard”. After installing the module, it will automatically check:

- The server configuration and compatibility

- The PHP memory (lower than 64mb is a bad sign)

- If the .htaccess file is writable 

- If the backup folder is writable


General Settings

I. It will check if your Prestashop version is up to date

II. It will check if there are any untrusted modules installed on your store

III. Turn on or off the Admin log system. If you choose to turn it on you will be able to see all login attempts in the administration area

IV. Removes theme, modules, and core update notifications for not accidentally press them

V. Block executable file upload (.php, .exe, etc.)

VI. Protect your files from being downloaded

VII. Protection against SQL/XSS/SHELL/CODE injection. It also offers a log of injection attempts

VIII. Add CAPTCHA to Contact Page form in your PrestaShop online store (reCAPTCHA v2 by Google)


User Account Security

Activate or deactivate a password strength tool in the front office on the register section of your website.


User Login Security

I. Set a maximum password age in days. After the time expires the users will be force to choose a new password. Leave blank to disable this option

II. Prevents brute force attacks by banning hosts and users with too many invalid login attempts. Leave blank to disable this option

III. Activate a log with failed customer login attempts

IV. Activate or deactivate CAPTCHA to the customer login form


User Registration Security

I. Enable or disable manual approval of customers when register

II. Enable or disable CAPTCHA to Customer Registration form


Database Security

I. Database notice – This verifies if the prefix of your database is safe or not

II. Make an instant backup of your database. The backup will be downloaded on your computer so you can store it

III. Activate or deactivate the option of tracking if anyone (any employee) exported your customer's table


File System Security

This section of the module checks all the files and folders (and their structure) of your PrestaShop online store and gives you information about the security issues that you might have like the name of the administration folder, having index.php files in all the folders etc.


Htaccess Security Backup and restore

I. Secure the .htaccess for the back-office

II. Display backup option for your original files. In case of something goes wrong after any modifications you will be able to restore the original .htaccess and config files


Blacklist functionality

I. Choose what action to take against a banned user

II. Ban specific IPs from accessing your store

III. Ban specific countries from accessing your store

IV. Ban troublesome user agents, malicious bots and other crawlers – predefined lie Thor connection etc.

V. Real-time monitor for known attackers with complete information about them


Ban User Agents

I. Choose what action to take against a banned user agent

II. Ban a specific user agent


Whois Lookup

It makes a complete Whois lookup of your PrestaShop online store.


Security Scanner

I. The file change detection scanner can alert you if any files have changed in your PrestaShop system. You can then investigate and see if that was a legitimate change or some bad code was injected.

II. Database scanner feature can be used to scan your database tables. It will look for any common suspicious-looking strings, javascript and html code in some of the PrestaShop core tables.


Comment Spam Security

Activate or deactivate a captcha on the product comment section.

*** Protect anti QQ.com SPAM **


Front-end Copy Protection

I. Enable or disable the right click on the front-office of your store

II. Disable text selection on the front-office of your store

III. Protect against copy/paste


SSL security

It checks the SSL certificate of your store. We also provide a module that can help you in this matter. 


Additional Features

I. Give you the possibility of removing PrestaShop Generator Meta

II. Temporary lock down your front end (for maintenance / development purposes)

III. Block other sites to display your content via frames and iframes 

Regular license
  • 3 months of free support
  • Adapted for your country
  • Documentation included


Contact the developer

Developer speaks the following languages:

Active Design


64 Products developed

From Romania


Developer Achievements

Current level : Master

In order to make sure that all our Partners delivers the best quality they are going through a complex verification system, including identity confirmation.


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