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Prestashop compatibility


25€ - 45€

Prestashop - Social Widgets

In the Social Widget sub-category of the AllPresta Marketplace, you can find some of the best Social Networks PrestaShop modules on the market. These are all verified and tested by PrestaShop certified developers, who make sure that the product you purchase is not only error-free but also of the best quality.

Grow your social influence and include social media in your marketing campaigns!

The modules listed on this AllPresta page will allow you to link your online store to some of the most popular social networks! Your clients can connect to your store through Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Enable Instagram feeds, responsive carousels, social widgets, Youtube walls or post automatically to your Twitter!

Create a powerful connection with your visitors and increase your store’s exposure through continuous engagement!

Our team offers you full support for any purchased PrestaShop module, so check out the Social Widget Page for the best and latest modules!

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TM Collections Module
TM Collections Module for Prestashop allows you to I mprove your customer engagement by letting them creating collections of your products and share them in social networks.
TM Social Feeds Module
TM Social Feeds Module - Engage your audience with an information flow and or any other real-time activity from your social media profiles.